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Creator's Covenant is offering to pay US$1000  to anyone who can show a direct or clear New Testament connection indicating the 'Old Covenant' is the covenant between Israel and the Creator made at Mt. Sinai and described in Exodus 20-24.

Hebrews 9:18-21 is obviously talking of the confirmation of the 'Old covenant'.   It indicates Moses spoke to the people, and sacrificed animals and sprinkled the blood on the people.  The Sinai covenant confirmation is described in Exodus 24.  It also mentions these same things.  However it indicates that Moses sacrificed oxen or young bulls not calves and goats as is stated in the Hebrews account. 

Exodus 24 also indicates that Moses read from a book that apparently consisted of no more than Exodus 20-23.  Many fundamental principles of the law are missing from this section of scripture, e.g. offering for sin, the function of the tribe of Levi and instruction on unclean foods.  Hebrews claimed that Moses spoke every precept of the law (vs:19).  Certainly those three things are fundamental precepts of the law.  They are absent from what Moses read at Sinai.  

Hebrews says Moses sprinkled the Tabernacle and the utensils.  These are not mentioned at all in the Exodus account because they didn't exist.  Moses received the plans for the Tabernacle and furnishings after the confirmation of the Sinai covenant (See Ex. 25:8-9).  It was not built until about nine months later.  

So I think you can see that Hebrews 9:18-21 cannot be accepted as a 'direct or clear' connection between the 'Old covenant' and the Sinai covenant.  Actually since the Tabernacle didn't exist at the confirming of the Sinai covenant, it really indicates the Sinai covenant was not the 'Old covenant'. 

Example 2:

Hebrews 8:9 indicates that the 'Old covenant' was made "when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt".  Doesn't that connect to the Sinai covenant?  Actually this wording would indicate a covenant that was made in Egypt since in order to take them "by the hand to lead them out" they had to be IN Egypt.  Exodus 16:1, which covers a time before the Sinai covenant was confirmed, clearly says they were already out of Egypt.

Again there is an inconsistency in the connection with the covenant made at Sinai.  Traditional Christianity seems to be guessing.  Shouldn't we be sure about something that the Creator himself spoke and wrote down for us?  What else was so important that He wrote it down Himself?

The above reference is interesting in that there is no record of a covenant actually being made in Egypt.  Consider though, is our Creator more interested in our geographical location or our state of mind?  Israel was described as being mentally in Egypt long after they crossed the Egyptian border (Num 11:18, 14:1-4, Acts 7:39).   Actually they were not separated completely from Egypt until they entered the Promised Land.  "This day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off you." (Joshua 5:9b)  One could say that the whole time they were wondering in the wilderness they were in Egypt.  There were two covenants made with Israel in this Egypt.  Most people are unaware of this other covenant or why they are different.

Consider also that scripture says quite a bit about how long His Covenant will last.  A few people will be confused about some other traditional Christian teaching.