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Colosse is located near Laodicea about 75 miles south east of Ephesus in what is now Turkey.  It was primarily a gentile congregation (Col 1:20-21, 2:11, 13).  Paul heard of this group in Colossi from Epaphras (Col 1:3-4, 7-8, 2:1).  Paul had apparently never actually visited the congregation (Col 2:1).  It was raised up by Epaphras (Col 1:7 see NIV, some mis-leading text in other versions was apparently added by copyists).  Likely Epaphras came into contact with Paul on one of Paul's earlier missionary journeys.

Epaphras was uncircumcised (Col 4:11-12).  It is unlikely there were Jews in this congregation.  A gentile is highly unlikely to have influenced any self-respecting Jew to accept Jesus, even if he called Him by His real name, YeshuaJ  Why would a Jew believe what a gentile said about the Jewish Messiah?

Verse 11 claims the congregation at Colossi was circumcised "without hands".  Certainly this refers metaphorically to the snipping of the tough skin of the heart.  It also hints that they were in fact uncircumcised.  Just like no hands had circumcised their flesh, so hands had not circumcised their heart.  Paul is not talking only to the gentile part of the group, but the whole group.  Verse 13 specifically states that their flesh is uncircumcised.  This would not be true of practicing Jews.  They would be offended.  So it is highly unlikely there were any Jews in this congregation.