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Which Church Group Teaches the Truth

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There are an incredible number of church groups each one believing that they hold the true teaching of Jesus Christ.  Without going into what scripture actually says there are a few things one can consider to possibly eliminate some unlikely candidates.


Jesus was a Jew.  In order to understand what He taught it must be explained in the context of Jesus time, not our own.  If a church doesn't teach about the culture in which Jesus and the Apostles lived how can one hope to understand what He said?  Jewish culture and practices are assumed in certainly the synoptic Gospels and to a large degree in the rest of the New Testament too, even though some is written to non-Jewish audiences.  Does the church you are considering teach you:


What religious establishments He frequented.


Jesus practice in comparison to other Jews


The religious observances Jesus practiced?


The differences between traditional Christianity and what Jesus actually taught and how those differences came to be.


Don't expect to find all of the above openly taught or a group of perfect people.  Don't be quick to give up looking, either.  Just consider that our Creator wants to know we're serious.  He's had plenty of fair weather Christians call on Him.  He's looking for a person that might be worked into someone as faithful as He is.  Progress is as important as perfection.  He’s patient and has lots of time, but He’s no fool either.


Keep in mind that our Savior wants a personal relationship with us.  He wants us to look directly to Him for direction and support.  Most churches expect that you will look to them for direction.  They look to you for support.   While it is appropriate that you share the blessings you receive from the Savior this sometimes results in a conflict of interest among the officials of the church.  They are not inclined to rock the boat even if some see error in their historical teaching.  In fact, because of their indoctrination and regard for their teachers, they are usually inclined to please whoever pays their salary rather than risk their position because of the actual instruction of Scripture.


The bottom line: "Do not put your trust in princes, Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help." (Ps 146:3).  Unlike the general population of 500 years ago, we can read and understand the Savior's instruction for ourselves.  It takes more work, but it will likely produce a better result.